New  Amsterdam Group


Private assets are those assets not publicly traded and are generally owned directly by the family or closely-held institution through a partnership(s). The categories of privates assets we commonly see and manage are:

Real Estate

Real Estate is generally either income producing or development. Our clients generally prefer owning income producing properties in which they have control; however, Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) and partnerships can provide good vehicles in certain circumstances. 

Operating Businesses

Many families own and operate closely-held companies which can use our resources to improve, restructure, sell, or acquire other companies to optimize value. We help business owners hire management, optimize strategies, buy and sell their busiensses. 

Direct and Co-Investments

Clients are often invested in businesses with others. This creates complications which can be properly addressed in a variety of ways. NewAm has substantial experience working in this environment. 

Private Equity

Clients are often interested in investing in actively managed private equity funds. NewAm works with its clients in fund selection and oversight.


Ownerships of personal assets (e.g. homes, planes, artwork, yachts, etc.) can be a significant and important part of a client’s portfolio and often requires active management.